Recent Publications

Nagy, D., K. Desmet and E. Rossi-Hansberg,

"The Geography of Development"

Forthcoming in Journal of Political Economy, 2018
Martin, A. and J. Ventura,

"The Macroeconomics of Rational Bubbles. A User’s Guide"

Forthcoming in Annual Review of Economics, 2018
di Giovanni, J. and R. Bems,

"The Welfare Consequences of Income-Induced Expenditure Switching"

Forthcoming in American Economic Association: Papers & Proceedings, 2018
di Giovanni, J., A. Levchenko and I. Mejean,

"The Micro Origins of International Business-Cycle Comovement"

American Economic Review, 2018, 108 (1), 82-108
Ager, P. and A. Ciccone,

"Agricultural Risk and the Spread of Religious Communities"

Forthcoming in Journal of the European Economic Association, 2018
Fornaro, L.,

"International Debt Deleveraging"

Forthcoming in Journal of the European Economic Association, 2018

Online Appendix

G. Benigno and L. Fornaro,

"Stagnation Traps"

Forthcoming in Review of Economic Studies, 2018
Caggese, A., V. Cuñat and D. Metzger,

"Firing the Wrong Workers: Financing Constraints and Labor Misallocation"

Journal of Financial Economics, 2018, 107 (8), 2352-2408
Schaal, E., P. Fajgelbaum and M. Taschereau-Dumouchel,

"Uncertainty Traps"

Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2017, 132 (4), 1641-1692
Schaal, E.,

"Uncertainty and Unemployment"

Econometrica, 2017, 85 (6), 1675-1721

Previously circulated as: Uncertainty Productivity and Unemployment in the Great Recession

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