Recent Publications

Vanasco, V., U. Malmendier and D. Pouzo,

"Investor Experiences and Financial Market Dynamics"

Forthcoming in Journal of Financial Economics, 2020
L. Alfaro, M. Garcia-Santana and E. Moral-Benito,

"On the Direct and Indirect Real Effects of Credit Supply Shocks"

Forthcoming in Journal of Financial Economics, 2020
Schaal, E. and P. Fajgelbaum,

"Optimal Transport Networks in Spatial Equilibrium"

Forthcoming in Econometrica, 2020
Garcia-Santana, M., E. Moral-Benito, J. Pijoan-Mas and R. Ramos,

"Growing like Spain: 1995-2007"

Forthcoming in International Economic Review, 2020
Vanasco, V., B. Daley and B. Green,

"Securitization, Ratings, and Credit Supply"

Forthcoming in Journal of Finance, 2020
Gali, J. and L. Gambetti,

"Has the U.S. Wage Phillips Curve Flattened? A Semi-Structural Exploration"

Forthcoming in 2020

in G. Castex, J. Gali and D. Saravia (eds.) Changing Inflation Dynamics, Evolving Monetary Policy, Central Bank of Chile

Gali, J.,

"The Effects of a Money-Financed Fiscal Stimulus"

Forthcoming in Journal of Monetary Economics, 2020
Gali, J., P. Andrade, H. Le Bihan and J. Matheron,

"The Optimal Inflation Target and the Natural Rate of Interest"

Forthcoming in Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 2020


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